Today, an estimated one-third of all the food produced in the world goes to waste. That’s equal to about 1.3 billion tons of fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, seafood, and grains that either never leave the farm, get lost or spoiled during distribution, or are thrown away in hotels, grocery stores, restaurants, schools, or home kitchens. It could be enough calories to feed every undernourished person on the planet.1

Food waste is responsible for 6% of global greenhouse gas emissions.2

We’re sourcing ideas to solve challenges from all parts of the value chain – everything from household food waste to food waste on organizational and societal levels. Together with our advisory board, we will select the best ideas and innovations for validation and acceleration.

We are teaming up with investors, individuals, and organizations to raise money to fund the best food-waste idea through micro-grants that will allow the initiatives to validate their idea.

The Food Waste Challenge is an initiative run by Global Shapers Stockholm.

The team


Federico Ronca

Innovation Programs Director, Sweden Foodtech

Expert panel

Mattias Eriksson

Researcher at the Department of Energy and Technology; Agricultural technology and systems, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Carolin Moberg

Co-founder and COO, Nicoya

Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren

Co-founder and CEO, Karma

Jonas Törnblom

Founder, Envito